About Me

Hello! I’m Adrianna, but you can call me Adrie. My life goal is to build a community and help people heal themselves. This blog is just the beginning of my mission.

I used to be very nihilistic and apathetic towards life, but a couple years ago, I had what I call an ‘awakening‘ after an abusive relationship. I felt really lost when that relationship ended, and I started questioning myself and my whole life. I felt so helpless at the time, and I wanted to make my life better. I didn’t want to feel like a victim anymore, and that’s where my soul-searching really began.

Online, I came across prominent self-help and spiritual figures who helped me reflect and change my mindset. I connected with various local spiritual groups over the years. I learned so much from these people and grew so much in a short time. Now, I’m finding myself on the path of yoga. Throughout my journey, there’s been many twists and turns and detours, but all of these experiences have opened me up to a world of self-healing and empowerment. On that day, I decided that I no longer wanted to be helpless. Since then, I have been devoted to my own growth, as well as helping others along the way.

Though I’ve gained some knowledge and wisdom throughout the years, I’m young, and I still have a lot more to learn about life. This blog is a testament to all of the victories and challenges of my own journey, and as I grow and share myself with you, I invite you to walk along this path with me.